Practical advices

  • Don't drink or eat anything during the practice. It is also recommended not to eat for two hours before the practice or drink large quantities just before the practice.
  • Light clothes and bare foot is preferred. In Hatha yoga warm clothes are needed and you can also bring a pillow and a towel.
  • Switch off your mobile phone or turn it mute before coming to class. Respect the silence in the shala surroundings.
  • Respect your body if you need rest, no practice if you have fever or a cold. Please inform the teacher if you have any injuries, health problems or if you are pregnant.
  • Please don't wear strong perfume or cologne during the class.
  • We have yoga mats, pillows and blankets, but preferably bring your own.
  • Please come well in advance before the class start, registration, payment etc. should happen before the class.
Practicing regularly gives you a stronger and healthier body and mind!